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Crochetage („Hooking therapy“)

Crochetage obrázekCrochetage is the technique that consist of a method for treating mechanical pain of musculoskeletal system by stretching or liberating inter- or myo- aponeurotic adherences or fibrous corpuscules with the help of a special hook applied against the skin.

Where to use:
– Mechanical pain due to retractions, fibrosis, posttraumatic adherences of the musculoskeletal system
– Treat areas of friction on fibrous or bosy pulleys.
– Treatment od postoperative adherences.

The equipment for the therapy are three sets of hooks that offer six different sized curves, perfactly adaptable to the different anatomical structures encountered. Their special shape enable hooking of delicate conjuctive fibres without damaging the skin and adjacent tissues.

The formarion is spread over three weekends and includes: the use of the Hook, anatomical reviewing per region (upper – lower limbs, sensitive areas) and specific clinical applications.

Dates of the course:

1. part A 1.-2. November 2014

2. part B 22.-23. November 2014

3. part C 6.-7. December 2014

Register in part A means that the participant commits itself to complete the course that consist of parts A-C. Part B or C cannot be accomplished  without participating in earlier parts (A/B) of the course.



Garant: Mgr. Iva Hnátová, Ph.D.

Credits from UNIFY – send request to UNIFY

Hours: 16

The course language is English translating in Czech language.


Part A – 9250 Kč – hooks included

Part B – 5750 Kč

Part C – 5750 Kč

Download application formApplication form HOOKING THERAPY

First payment should be realised in 14 days from registration.
Payment should be done by bank transfer on account number 251785164/0300

The course fee can be paid in the total amount 20250 Kč or in part.
The payment for the second and the third part should be done monthes at the latest before the course.