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MOTUS Kinesiology Taping

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Instructor: Mgr. Iva Hnátová, Ph.D. 



MOTUS Therapeutic Methods  presentsMOTUS Kinesiology Taping
Functional, Dynamic, Therapeutic
Advanced Clinical Applications
(extensive hands-on training)


Participants: Physiotherapist, students of physiotherapy, doctors, ergotherapeuts, masseuer, coaches or students of these branches. ANATOMY NECESSARY!!!


MOTUS is a Latin word that means ‘movement’. Our taping instructors have both been teaching taping programs for over 15 years in addition to having extensive rehabilitation experience. They have taken what they feel are the best methods that exist today and compiled them all into this 2-day program.

• The therapeutic effects of MOTUS taping systems and how they:
–          assist/normalize fluid flow dynamics
–          assist/promote proper tissue repair
–          assist/drive tissue adaptation
• The elastic taping technique effects on the myofascial system through cellular and receptor      signaling systems.
• Discussion of the sensory feedback that is produced by the tape through the skin and fascia that can alter motor output.
• The cellular and receptor signaling in the repair and regeneration of soft tissues.
Demonstration and Practical Procedures:
   Spinal Syndromes (Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar)
    Extremity Syndromes (Upper & Lower)

Practitioner fees: 6400 Kč – Program fee includes supply kit!!!

Supply kit includes: „MOTUS kit“

  • 6 rolls of tape
  • Professional scissors
  • Handbook
  • Pen
  • Writing pad
  • Everything in Sport bag


Application form send by email on adress fyzioterapie@rehatrenink.cz

You can find application for here: Application form MOTUS Kinesiology Taping

Course capacity: 20 participants

Course payment in one week from sending the application form on bank account 251785164/0300

Contact: Mgr. Iva Hnátová, Ph.D., fyzioterapie@rehatrenink.cz, tel: 00420 777 64 83 71